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On April 1, 2013, 45 distinguished individuals and organization leaders associated with the Military Culture Coalition signed and sent the following letter to House Armed Services Committee Chairman Howard P. "Buck" McKeon, and to Senate Ranking member James Inhofe (R-OK), calling on them and members of their committees to consider action that would assert congressional authority in matters involving military women in direct ground combat and civilian women's eligibility for Selective Service obligations:

The Center for Military Readiness provided further background in these CMR Policy Analyses:

Many members of the House Armed Services Committee expressed an interest in this issue, but in the June 2013 session, issues of sexual assaults in the military took precedence.  More background on that issue is provided in this CMR Policy Analysis:

This issue remains unresolved, but major developments are expected between 2013 and 2016.  More information is available at

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 On March 22, 2012, forty leaders of the Military Culture Coalition signed and sent the following letter to House Armed Services Committee Chairman Howard P. "Buck" McKeon, thanking him for his leadership on matters of religious liberty in the military, and calling on him and other members of the committee to approve legislation to protect rights of conscience for chaplains and people of faith in the military:

The Military Religious Freedom Act was approved and incorporated in the National Defense Authorization Act for 2013.

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Military Culture Coalition
Washington, D.C.

Statement to:    President Barack H. Obama and Members of Congress

Subject:     Support for the 1993 Eligibility Law Regarding Homosexuals in the Military (Section 654, Title 10, U.S.C.)

Dear Mr. President and Members of Congress:

We appreciate the service of courageous men and women who volunteer to serve in the military and wish to support them in all matters of policy affecting their daily lives.  

For this reason, we are concerned about recent efforts to repeal or suspend enforcement of the 1993 Eligibility Law regarding homosexuals in the military, Section 654, Title 10, U.S.C., which is frequently referred to as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”   

The 1993 law, which states that homosexuals are not eligible for military service, was passed with bipartisan majorities in both houses.  Congress passed the law to protect good order, discipline, and morale in the unique environment of the military.  Federal courts have upheld the law as constitutional several times, and it enjoys strong support among uniformed personnel.  

More than 1,150 distinguished retired military leaders have expressed thoughtful concerns about the heavy burdens that repeal of the 1993 law would place on men and women who volunteer to serve.  We agree that imposition of these burdens on our men and women in uniform would undermine recruiting, retention, and overall readiness, and have adverse effects on the willingness of parents who lend their sons and daughters to military service.  Such consequences eventually could break the All-Volunteer Force.  
As a matter of national security, we urge you to support the 1993 law regarding homosexuals in the military (Section 654, Title 10, U.S.C.), and to oppose any legislative, judicial, or administrative effort to repeal or invalidate the law.

Very respectfully,

The Undersigned

(Partial List -Titles are for identification only.)

Dr. Ted Baehr, Founder & Publisher, MovieGuide
Col. H.C. “Barney” Barnum, USMC (Ret.) – Medal of Honor Recipient
Gary L. Bauer, President, American Values
Morton C. Blackwell, President, Leadership Institute
L. Brent Bozell, III, President, Media Research Center
Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady, USA (Ret.) – Medal of Honor Recipient
Allan Carlson, President, Howard Center
Christine Carmouche, Chairman, Grasstops USA
James Daly, President, Focus on the Family
Tom DeLay, former Majority Leader, U. S. House of Representatives
James C.  Dobson, Ph.D., Founder and former President, Focus on the Family
Frank Gaffney, President, the Center for Security Policy
Dr. William J. Gregor, Colonel, USA (Ret.)
Colin A. Hanna, President, Let Freedom Ring
Donald Irvine, President, Accuracy in Media
Bishop E. W. Jackson, Sr., President, S.T.A.N.D. America
David Keene, President, American Conservative Union
Thomas P. Kilgannon, President, Freedom Alliance
Andrea Lafferty, Executive Director, Traditional Values Coalition
Herbert London, President, Hudson Institute
Kristian M. Mineau, Massachusetts Family Institute
Preston Noell, President, Tradition, Family, and Property, Inc.
Dr. Mackubin Owens, U.S. Naval War College
Star Parker, Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education
Tony Perkins, President, Family Research Council
The Hon. Joseph Petrone, Former U.S. Ambassador to the UN in Europe
Howard J. Phillips, President, Conservative Caucus Foundation
Janet Porter, Faith2Action
Alfred Regnery, Publisher, American Spectator
Rick Scarborough, President, Vision America
Phyllis Schlafly, President, Eagle Forum
Rev. Louis P. Sheldon, Founder, Traditonal Values Coalition
Mathew Staver, President, Liberty Counsel
Richard Thompson, President, Thomas More Law Center
Wendy Wright, President, Concerned Women for America
Robert Zweiman, President, Jewish War Veterans of America

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A similar statement has been personally signed by 1,167 retired Flag & General Officers for the Military.  Personal signatures were received from two former Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, several Service Chiefs, a number of combatant command, theater, and other major U.S. and allied force commanders, together with hundreds of retired flag and general officers who have led the men and women of our armed services at every echelon, in both peace and war, past and present.  Their names are posted here.

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The Military Culture Coalition is a project of the Center for Military Readiness, an independent public policy organization that specializes in military/social issues.  More information is available at